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The Luxury Bank Careers - Business and Operational Manager

Business and Operational Manager

The Business and Operational Manager will coordinate the activity of the growing team working remote.
One of the main responsibilities will be to oversee the operational aspects of all departments in the company including marketing, IT and business development, while also representing The Luxury Bank to our customers, partners and shareholders.

Main responsibilities:

Coordinates a team of 15 people and growing from all around the world;
Coordinates activities within the CRM, directly supervising operational, IT and business development teams;
Establishes long-term relationships with business partners, platform users, beneficiaries and shareholders;
Ensures the task workload for each member of the team;
Involved in implementing the marketing & business plans and PR initiatives;
Monitors in due time the progress achieved towards the proposed objectives;
Drafts weekly and monthly reports to the management of The Luxury Bank;
Presents and directly promotes the company's services by strategic actions meant to enlarge the number of users and brand visibility & awareness;
Conducts constant interviews with potential candidates in order to recruit suitable new team members;
Assesses and motivates the team through communication and periodic evaluation;
Makes proposals to improve the working environment and to maximize the efficiency towards achieving the objectives;
Responsible for increasing the profitability of the company;
Growing the number of the users and ensuring the implementation of big and challenging projects and objectives;
Always looking for flexible and creative solutions for different requests;
Verifying the users’ satisfaction and retention rates, taking decisions to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of users.

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