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The Luxury Career -  Copywriter


The field in which we operate is one of great future, in which new things always happen and you never get bored.
Our work processes are similar to those in the financial field, banking, accounting, insurance, so anyone with experience in these fields certainly has a big plus.
We want applicants who know how to write texts in the field of crypto, blockchain or technology, but we do not refuse applicants eager to learn the secrets of this field.


understand concepts such as outreach, link building, content distribution;
write content for website pages / landing pages with conversion goals;
preparation and publication of content on social networks;
have knowledge of SEO: be able to analyze a page, an article and propose changes;
to analyze and understand an SEO brief;
to write texts for newsletters, brochures, ebooks, etc.;

The right person should have the following skills:

Communication and organization skills;
Proactive attitude, desire to learn;
Creativity, able to learn as much as possible related to our field of activity;
Ability to organize time, tasks and workplace;
Ability to focus on performing multiple tasks at the same time;
Attention to detail;
Responsibility, order, fairness and seriousness;
Know how to write texts in English;
P.S: The experience with SEMrush / Ahrefs puts you at the top of the list for interviews.

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