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LUXANDIA.COM - Disruptor Of The Year award!

Winners of The Disruptor Of The Year award at the Tech Innovation Awards gala organized by Entrepreneur Magazine, The Luxury Bank and its newest concept LUXANDIA.COM!

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Blockchain Innovation Summit

Held by The Luxury Bank on 28th of October in Dubai at one of the very finest locations, Palazzo Versace. ICICB Launched the Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World at Blockchain Innovation Summit. Dubai's ICICB Group is a renowned investment management company that fosters innovation through funding projects of value based on the Blockchain-technology and the novel Metaverse. Their latest $10 million investment went to The Luxury Bank.


The Address Montgomerie

Held by The Luxury Bank we gathered some of the most powerful and influential figures in the crypto industry to witness our ambitious plan.We want to make cryptocurrency accessible to our users so they can integrate it into their daily lives.


Rixos Premium JBR

Held by The Luxury Bank, here’s a look at some of the exclusive moments from last event.The Luxury Christmas Gala Dinner.