TLX Ecosystem
A new secure and integrated
access point
Reinvents and generalizes
the way social experiences
800,000 TLX, & contributions
from our employees and partners.
Deliver technologies.
Improve the world
Create, Buy, Sell NFTs.
Meet the needs of companies
Guide to the affluent lifestyle
Metahero Welcomes Pawel Doleglo

What is the total supply of TLX?

20,000,000 TLX

What is the token distribution?

  • The Luxury Foundation (800,000 TLX)

Frozen till 2023-09-15 – 200,000 TLX
Frozen till 2022-09-15 – 100,000 TLX
*Not Frozen                  - 350,000 TLX
** Not Frozen                - 150,000 TLX

*Allocated for 2022, and will be divided into territories, where The Luxury Foundation will legally open branches.

** Allocated for December, they will be divided according to the market situation, and only if the market demand will allow their sale in full.

  • Legal (500,000 TLX)

*500,000 TLX

*Given the large number of jurisdictions, and the permanent changes in the laws of the countries in which we want to operate, the legal part is basically the foundation of The Luxury Bank. Proper licensing, and the necessary consulting, will allow us to work on the development of our projects.

  • Marketing(500,000 TLX)

*500,000 TLX

*Without marketing, nothing will work. We have allocated a marketing budget that will be used throughout our development. Of course, sales will be made only when the market allows it, and releases will be in time so as not to affect the project.

  • News (100,000 TLX)

*100,000 TLX

*Developing a competitive news platform for the luxury industry, so as to generate a use case for TLX, but to bring added value to the industry in which we operate.

  • Expert (100,000 TLX)

*100,000 TLX

*We need an operational platform for jobs in the luxury industry, a platform that provides stability to the industry in which we operate. The allocated budget will allow us to create an operational platform on the blockchain, adding a use case for TLX.

  • Luxandia Metaverse (4,000,000 TLX)

*4,000,000 TLX

*The budget allocated to Luxembourg is the largest, because in reality, it is the project for which we became known in the crypto space. Every TLX sold from this budget will go to development, to completely revolutionize the shopping and entertainment industry.

  • The Luxury Bank (1,000,000 TLX)

*1,000,000 TLX

*The token allocation will allow us to support the development of the launchpad, some of the tokens will be used for The Luxury Casino and the financing of the other projects we have in progress.

  • Circulating Supply TLB (850,000 TLX)

*850,000 TLX

*The tokens in circulation at this moment were recalculated and left strictly, subtracting from TLB Circulating Supply (2,155,609) the wallets held by the founders and the rest of the previous allocations. The coins sold in private sales have remained strictly and will be converted by a bridge that we will make available on September 15. 1TLB = 1 TLX

  • Founder (500,000 TLX)

500,000 TLX

Frozen till 22-05-11     - 350,000 TLX

Not Frozen                   - 150,000 TLX

Metahero Welcomes Pawel Doleglo

What is the current circulating supply of TLX?

After reducing the Total Supply through the rebranding procedure we've made, we recalculated and reallocated the TLX number. Therefore, instead of 10%, the founder receives only 2.5%, of which 350,000 TLX are frozen until 11/05/2022. After the entire distribution, the total of TLX left in the treasury will be burned, updated on 04/09/2021. Until 04/09/2021, according to the recalculation, there are 1,150,000 TLX in circulation.

What is the current market cap of TLX?

We need to multiply the current circulating supply by the current token price, so: 1,150,000 * $51.1 = $58,765,000 updated on 04/09/2021.

Was there an ICO?

No, there was no ICO. Around $700k was raised by angel investors, family, and friends.

How can the company run for over 2 years with limited raised capital?

We know how to run very lean and scrappy. In part, we can do this because we are working on tip of the spear science and technology which attracts talent for reasons beyond the cash.

All of the heavy work is already done. As a team we like doing the hard parts first. This is the reason we have multiple products releases now and in the past. A to Z execution, that is what our track record shows.

We adapt to cheap, low maintenance and smart money along with the market and our customers. This means we operate on their schedules not our own.

Why is the token valuable?

The value created by our community which includes the core team, the outside team and contributing members of our global community, translates directly into the value of the TLX utility token and as a global public trading vehicle.

TLX utility tokens do not function like a security or currency and share only minor similarities with e.g., Google Cloud credits, AWS credits, or WeWork utility credits due to TLX doubling as a public trading vehicle in a global public marketplace.

Our top-tier proprietary datasets and algorithms deployed in the financial markets that enable asset management groups, hedge funds and institutions to generate and capture alpha, can only be used by a limited number of customers. In this business, it is a common requirement from our top-tier customers to prevent saturating the market. It is like giving everybody the exact same weapons. This means the value of TLX is controlled by our customers, who will also be taking long term positions in TLX. It only makes sense, and it is out of our control.

In order to serve our customers properly, we will carve out a public marketplace which allows them to acquire blocks of TLX and out-bid other customers if they would like to ‘corner the market’ on particular proprietary datasets.

The TLX utility token credit also doubles as a global public trading vehicle available to be transacted, acquired, bought and sold between anyone, including speculators, in the global public crypto markets via exchanges. This means a farmer in Asia or a villager in Borneo can acquire TLX to access a Luxandia ten minutes and resell TLX to a trillion-dollar asset management company the next minute in exchange for “btc coin” for example. This is completely out of our control.

Exchanges and Tracking Tools

On what exchanges and tracking tools is TLX currently available?

  • Vindax
  • Indoex
  • Dsdaq
  • Dex-Trade

What is the current exchange listing strategy?

Our exchange strategy involves being listed on a tier-1 exchange, e.g. Kraken, available in the USA and another one to serve the Asian markets, after the press release (PR) from one of our large partners.


We are a team with a deep background in science, technology and the financial markets, and are veteran software engineers, scientific and technical founders who work in the area of specialized algorithms in ML/AI for Life Sciences and the financial markets.

  • Core team size: 6
  • Scientific core team: 3
  • core: 5
  • Design: 6
  • QA, Testing & Curation: 1
  • Corporate Dev: 1
  • Sales & Marketing: 2
  • Operations: 2
  • Administration: 1
  • Operations: 1
  • PR: 2
  • IR: 1
  • Legal: 1
  • Finance: 1

The team size is rapidly growing to keep up with the increasing number of new client’s requests.