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Final Pre-Sale Session 1 TLB = 1.20$













The luxury Bank now has its own cryptocurrency!

Currency has moved from gold to paper; paper to a cashless society. Now, it needs to turn truly digital, and our own currency TLB can make that happen — in doing so, we can unlock a wealth of opportunity for all.LUXURY encapsulates what the new era in digital holds.

Private Luxury Membership Supported By a New Purpose-Built Cryptocurrency Utility Token
This is new. This is fresh. This is the ultimate fusion of Exclusive Luxury Membership with all of the advantages of the latest advancement in the financial industry. The TLB is a class of Cryptocurrency designated as a ‘Utility Token’. The TLB has value within The Luxury Network, allowing you to Gain Access to Special Events and Unique Experiences, and Participate in Auctions or to benefit from the financial services offered by The Luxury Bank

Say no to cash. Say yes to hassle-free spending.

Use your card safely at millions of retail outlets and ATMs worldwide

Defined transaction limits

Worldwide acceptance

Enhanced security with CHIP and PIN

Senior Equity

Seniors can opt to receive a lump sum or a regular payment as suits their needs and by agreement have a permanent right of abode. Their home remains theirs to live in or rent out and when it is sold they receive the residual sale price at the same time investors receive their share of the proceeds.

Fractional Investment

Similar to how Stripe or PayPal provide tools for e-commerce sites to securely and promptly process online payments, The Luxury Bank offers real estate businesses the world’s best real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, issuance, sale, distribution, management, tracking and trade of tokenized properties.

Global Remittance

The Luxury Bank ExpressCrypto Service is a person-to-person remittance (money transfer) service that offers you more options to send money home to family or friends in 13 countries. Your money is delivered quickly and safely by a reliable financial institution.

Global Remittance Services

An economical, convenient and dependable way to send money

With The Luxury Bank  CryptoExpress you can send money to 13 countries, with more than 50 Remittance Network Members.

Blockchain powered money transfers, payments and digital assets management

Cross-border instant currency exchange

Send and pick up money globally in minutes*

Bank payment gateway to/from Crypto exchanges

Earn interest and borrow instantly from TLB Lending

Secured by the Ethereum blockchain, and in partnerships with local service providers, The Luxury Bank lets you send, receive, earn interest, and safely keep eMoney and digital assets in a secured digital wallet.


If you have invested money in a yacht, you want to ensure it’s taken by a team of industry professionals, we are the right operator to run a complete open book transparent management cost system.

Private Jet

By placing your aircraft under the watchful care of The Luxury professionals, you can rest assured that the management, planning, crew and maintenance of your aircraft is given the same level of attention as that of our own fleet.

Luxury Properties

We Manage Your Property While Maximising Your Profits
Our team can help you to increase your return on investment by transforming your property into a holiday home (apartment or villa) that will be perfect for short-term leases.

Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services

Auto Concierge

The vehicle is an extension of one’s achievements and personality. Give more than just a car: a personal lifestyle assistant at the owner’s disposal.


From check-in to check-out, a Guest Luxury Services Agent is always prepared to respond to Guest requests at lobby, as a host, or during promotional activities.


We help real estate developers and enhance luxury properties by offering a lifestyle, more than just beautiful interiors or offices.


Whatever you want – Whenever you want it. No matter how big or small. No matter what time of day or night