Loan Platform
of the future!
A new world of finance by enabling assets collateralized blockchain-backed loans with smart contracts.
The Luxury Bank
is expected to start in March 2019
funds without selling your assets holdings
You can use your assets registered with The Luxury to release liquidity without the need to sell the assets and lose your syndicate.

The Luxury Bank is both, centralized and decentralized which help The Luxury investors using the advantages of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology. The Luxury Bank also offers important functions like syndicated loans and the ability to sell a loan to another member if needed. Our approach is unique and different and unlike others, The Luxury is the only one platform in the world which does NOT take collaterals. With the help of smart contracts, we disable the voting and selling rights without affecting the ownership of the portfolio asset. 



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The Luxury Bank
Financial solutions for your blockchain assets
Without blockchain
the identity
Global System
and Secure
Mobile app
We will release a mobile app with global connectivity. You will have also the options to send money across the world and exchange currencies.


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Dec 2017

Platform Idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

Jan 2018

Create Partnership with Complementary Partners

Mar 2018

Elaboration of Platform Market Research Technical Feasibility Assessment

May 2018

The first sketches of the platform

Jun 2018

TTeam Set-Up Business Strategy Implementation of the Blockchain Technology

Jan 2019

Completion of ICO and final implementation of the platform

Mar 2019

Organizing events in Dubai, New York, London and Singapore

  • Jan 2018 Create Partnership with Complementary Partners
  • May 2018The first sketches of the platform
  • Feb 2019The final implementation of the platform
  • Dec 2017 Platform Idea.  Development of the concept and business plan.
  • Mar 2018 Elaboration of Platform Market Research Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Jun 2018 Team Set-Up Business Strategy Implementation of the Blockchain Technology
  • Mar 2018 Event Launch of the platform. Organizing events in Dubai, New York, London, and Singapore

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It Happens

If a borrower fails to pay back the loan completely, the loan turns into a default. In this case, The Luxury immediately deposits a fraction of the loan to The Luxury Bank in order to minimize the loss. Since the borrower is known and legally bound to the smart contract, the platform has the choice of collecting the debt canceling the co-ownership contract to the nearest value or simply selling the default on the Collectors Syndicate Market to further minimize the loss.

Frequently Questions

The Luxury Smart Loan Contract saves all the important data about the borrower and the loan specifications.
After being posted on the platform and being filled by one of our officers, the Smart Contract executes and deposits the money to the borrower’s wallet. When the first payment is due, the Smart Contract automatically notifies the borrower and recognizes if the borrower successfully pays back the loan.
In response to the borrower’s payment discipline, The Luxury Smart Loan Contract communicates with The Luxury Reputation Contract and actualizes the borrower’s rank.

Every loan application will be visible on The Luxury Bank Staff dashboard, where the officers will decide the amount and interest for each specific loan.

Generally, we believe that cryptocurrencies are the future and in the near future it will not be necessary to convert into another currency in order to realize purchases. However, the borrower can receive the funds in The Luxury wallet, which allows our member to continue shopping on our platform where private planes, yachts, properties, luxury cars or jewels will be available to be turned into property. We are also working on a direct implementation of multiple cryptocurrencies and wallets to facilitate the conversion of the loan into fiat.

Young and small markets tend to be more volatile than big and established markets. The market for Cryptocurrencies is still young and comparably small – therefore the high grade of volatility. We foresee the cryptocurrency market will keep on growing significantly in the long run which means that coins and tokens will be more stable in terms of price fluctuation. But we don’t have to wait for that to happen in order to run a functioning platform – if a borrower is afraid of borrowing because the price might skyrocket before he is able to pay the loan back, he needs to relax, we will set alerts and transfer the risk to our account.

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While borrowers are not subject to credit checks, they are NOT required to verify their identity for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance. These procedures are met when the applicant acquires the first assets in our platform